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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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somebody on twitter, somebody on twitter sends it over to everybody on linkedin, you can't delete it. you have to contact everybody that had it, ask them to delete it and make sure the backdrops are deleted, as well. >> reporter: less than two weeks after the alleged assault, as the photos circulated on line, audrie took her own life. her family set up a memorial to honor their daughter's memory. yesterday a message was posted on the facebook page. it read "we suspect the boys who were responsible for the assaults took steps to delete the information ". >> the family of audrie potts is devastated by the loss, they want to know what it is that happened to their beautiful young daughter. and we strongly believe that people will come forward and help them get appearances. >> reporter: her family has not spoken publicly about the case,
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but has scheduled a press conference about the case. her mother, father and stepmother is expected to be there. a candlelight vigil will be held at saratoga high school, where she and the suspects went to school. >> reporter: the three suspects are expect to have their detention hearings on either monday or tuesday. live, san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. thank you for the update. police in san jose arrested a man suspected of kidnapping an 11-year-old girl, 30-year-old karla hernandez is accused of taking the girl. the police say hernandez got into the car and drove away. police say information from witnesses and a sketch helped them track down hernandez. nine months after a mother and father were shot and killed in san jose, police say they have arrested the man they
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believe pulled the trigger. authorities arrested 31-year-old pedro medina, this week in mexico. he is accused of killing mary bell and pedro jiminez, last year. mary bell had dated medina while she was separated from her husband, and medina became obsessed with her. and a passenger airliner failed to reach the runway, falling into the sea off the resort island of bali. all 100 people on board the jet survived, although about 40 are injured, having suffered head wounds and broken limbs. passengers swam to shore, the boeing 747 officials say it was new. it broke into and filled with water, experts say it is too early to say what caused the crash. the united states and china are on the same page when it
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comes to removing nuclear weapons from north korea. secretary of state john kerry and the policy chief announced today the two nations will work together to create a nuclear-free peninsula. but china is upset with the u.s. for its increased presence regarding a missile range test. and some experts doubt china will lean hard on its ally. they are looking at peace talks. and now, a follow-up, former information about the santa clara superintendent who resigned from his job after using public funds to use on his gambling habit. news evidence shows that he was back gambling three days later. >> reporter: when disgraced santa clara supervisor george sharakowa pled guilty to charges is including five felonies, he did so in exchange for leniency.
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he said i have been in ongoing treatment for my addiction and depression, i realize i need to take responsibility for all of my actions. the district attorney's office wouldn't seek the maximum amount for the perjury, and misusing $130,000 in public funds. >> we were aware of his addiction and public service. we were aware of how the community was wronged, we knew he would step down right away, and wanted to end the nightmare. >> reporter: but the nightmare is not over, according to filed documents three days after resigning and apologizing, he was gambling and was comped a meal at a restaurant, the legal analyst says that could hurt his hopes regarding jail. >> it is very serious that a defendant caught with an
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alcohol-related offense, being caught in a bar. it is a significant problem when you are asking the court to be lenient, and the district attorney says he is not genuine in his efforts for rehab. it is a plea of mercy from the court, but not a genuine effort to rehabilitate. the attorney is likely gathering proof that the former supervisor's gambling addiction is a serious one, and that he is attempting recovery but that relapse is a normal part of that process. on april 30th, the judge will set a date for sentencing. chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. for the first time, president obama's weekly address was delivered by somebody other than the president. the mother of the six-year-old boy murdered in the newtown massacre, urged the public to join her in comprehensive legislation. >> sometimes i close my eyes and
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all i can remember is that awful day waiting at the sandy hook volunteer fire house. for the boy who would never come home. but other times, i feel ben's presence, filling me with courage for what i have to do. >> the plea capped a week of lobbying by family members of newtown victims who flew to washington for the president's call on universal background checks and assault weapons measures, that they say are common sense. and new tonight, dozens of gun control advocates gathered. the rally was set up by the group called "organizing for america." the speakers included mindy finkelstein, who was shot 13 years ago. >> we are not living in a place that is free and safe for any of our children or for us. it terrifies me to have kids.
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i'm 30 years old now. it has been 13 years since i was shot. kids are very much in my future. but i cannot bring them into this world as it stands. >> on thursday, senators voted 68-31 to move forward with the process of debating a gun bill that the republicans had threatened to filibuster. still to come, a bizarre attack, what the investigators say a homeless man did to another man, and why they call it a very unsettling crime. plus, the escape from hisñr home. the desperate search, and why the handlers say it is very important. and fairly calm, a little bit on the chilly side. 40s, the weekend is going to end with increasing wind. increasing chance of showers and temperatures dropping, a roller coaster seven-day forecast for the new week, a look at that when we come right back. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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. investigators are calling it a horrific act, tonight, a 63-year-old man is in critical condition after police say somebody tossed a flammable liquid on him yesterday and then set him on fire. the victim was in his car at a 7-eleven in long beach when it happened. police arrested a suspect shortly after the attack. they believe he is homeless and they believe the attack was completely random. two people were killed today when the ferrari was driving in crashed. the vehicle lost control a little after 11:00 near
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stewart's point, 60 miles west of santa rosa, the vehicle slammed into a tree and caught fire. the vehicle damaged the asphalt on highway 101, so crews had to work on the repairs until about 5:30 this evening. investigators don't know why the driver lost control of the car. new at 11:00, spread your wings and fly. this is how a crow went missing, going from the silicon valley after the staff was transferring him. worried that the bird may not survive in the wild, the staff is now working on a safe return, asking that anybody who sees the crow call them. look for a bird wearing a leather ankle bracelet. and today, a dedication to a solid, the u.s. postal service helped to re-name the downtown post office the lieutenant kenny ballard post office.
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he was killed in 2004, his mother says the dedication is not just for her son, but for all military families. >> well, i just hope they remember there are people serving on behalf of the country, that they stood up while these people stayed home and went on with their careers and their life. when they go in, i hope they say who is that lieutenant kenneth ballard. >> ballard was a native of mountain view and awarded three bronze stars and a purple heart during his nine years of service. and habitat for humanity opened their complex today. it features a sustainable urban design and 36 units. all the families moving in are low income and each spent about 500 hours helping to build the complex. >> today is the most exciting day in habitat for humanity's history, we are dedicating 30 homes for and with working
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families in our community. >> 12,000 volunteers also joined the families in building the new development on mission street. it took 160 years to do it, but as of today there is a monument dedicated to dozens killed in a steam boat explosion off the waters of santa clara county. a ceremony today to mark the explosion of jenny lind. it headed out and a boiler pipe exploded, killing the people on board. one person responsible for the dedication talked about the emotions today. >> overwhelmed. i'm a little excited, and tearful, as well. it has been really exciting seeing it come to pass after 160 years, and finally it is taking its place in california history. so it is a wonderful written. >> reporter: they hope that the memorial sparks the interest in
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the important role that they played in santa clara county, and california's rich history in steam boat commerce. right now we'll check in with rob mayeda. yes r, there is a chance of showers coming up. 52 in san jose, still breezy outside into the santa clara valley. north wind at ten, an onshore breeze, southwest winds at 14 miles an hour. some of the quickly changing conditions, we'll see breezy and cooler by day tomorrow, should not see any showers by day. but by this time tomorrow night we'll see a chance of showers dropping down the coast. gusty winds, a repeat performance, if you will recall last week, the middle part of the week everything changes as high pressure builds in, dramatically different second half of the seven-day forecast.
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so during the day tomorrow, future cast really doesn't show a lot. clouds hold off until later in the day. moving down the coast will be a much cooler air mass, the jet stream off to the north, dipping to the south. the system that brings us a chance of showers late sunday, monday, packing a punch in terms of the colder temperatures. gusty winds getting closer, temperatures climb on up. 9:00 tomorrow night, you're starting to see a few showers showing up along the coastal hill tops, maybe along the day as the winds pick up. after monday, we'll see that any chance of showers shut down. and temperatures start to climb as we head to the middle part of the week, morning temperatures in the 40s, cooler outside tomorrow. highs mostly in the 60s, we'll be close to 66 degrees in san jose, possibly close to 70 in pleasanton, san francisco, cool,
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66 around oakland, numbers in the 60s in the north bay. next three days, a chance of showers. temperatures cooling off into monday, completely different story, we hit the reset button, high pressure builds in. for any outside plans, winds back off, highs in the 70s, very likely, low 80s heading into next weekend. you can see a bit of roller coaster ride that we'll go on, showers tomorrow night, gusty winds, winter-like temperatures tomorrow, and back in the summer next weekend. >> we had a forecast like this last week. >> it does look very similar, hopefully the wind is not as bad. we have an update on the breaking news we're following in the east bay, a derailed amtrak train, happening around 9:00 tonight. the lead car train apparently lost contact with the track and derailed 164 passengers, and 14 crew members were on board, no
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injuries were reported at this point, the amtrak officials say they are assessing the situation. and the plan right now is to move the train away from the engine, and then move on in about an hour or two if all goes well, as planned. we do have a crew on scene and will have more as it is available. we'll be right back with sports, as well. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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welcome back to nbc bay area, the world series champs
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spent the weekend in chicago at wrigley field. but they were not there to take pictures of the ivy, the giants go on to win their sixth game. na na na nate sheerholtz, 3-0, giants, bottom of the two. bases loaded. wellington, grounds out, take a look at panda, that is panda, stop talking about his weight, please, because this man can play, goes in the sand to get the catch. giants get the victory, 3-2, the final, over to the tigers, a's, tigers down 1-0, nobody on for torii hunter, he takes brett
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anderson deep to left, game tied at one, then prince fielder says i see one i like, when he likes one it is usually north over the fence as well. 2-1, tiegds -- tigers, jhonny peralta goes deep, tigers get the win, 7-3, sharks visit the dallas stars, dallas up one, nothing in the first. alex chasen's deflection, sharks can't tie it up. this fly at the end, sharks fall, 2-1, and angel cabrera, tiger woods, seven-back, and the
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challenge er lose his to rigade tonight. going on here, same place, same time. >> henry, great job, thanks a lot. and when we come back, what got joe montana all fired up today? we'll show you.
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schierho . san francisco 49ers legend joe montana is tweeting mad about that two-stroke penalty assessed against tiger woods at the masters. woods received a penalty for an improper drop on yesterday's round. now, no one seemed to notice until a viewer called out the violation. quarterback joe montana jumped
11:25 pm
on 2013 and said usga is full of crap, just like replay in nfl if you don't catch it when it happens, forget it. that would be like going on and calling the super bowl and changing the game. goes on to say they are spectators, it would stay that way. it is not about tiger, but about keeping other people out of the game. the twitter handle i is @joemontana. >> he has strong feelings about it. >> he has a point. >> who is the host on saturday night live? >> oh, vince vaughn is the host. >> thank you, have a great evening. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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and now a message from the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. good evening. my fellow americans, as you know, over the past few months, i have made gun control legislation a top priority for my administration. which is why i am so excited to announce that this week the senate voted 68-31 to begin debating the idea of discussing gun control. let me say that again. they've agreed to think about talking about gun control. amazing. now, with me tonight are democratic senator joe manchin and republican senator patrick toomey. [ applause ] they both worked very hard together to bang out a
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bipartisan agreement. these men risked everything for this bill. i mean, senator manchin represents west virginia and he's proposing gun reform? he's going to lose his job. [ laughter ] and senar toomey, this man is a republican who is willing to make just the slightest compromise on gun control? he's going to lose his job, too. but that's what it takes to achieve compromise. so why don't you tell the folks at home what you've accomplished. >> we'd rather not. >> oh, no, go ahead, tell them. >> well, first of all, most americans agree that we need stricter background checks. if our bill passes, no individual can purchase a handgun from a private dealer without being asked, are you a good person? so the follow-up question -- seriously, are you? >> we're also hoping to limit the amount of ammunition you can carry in magazines. we did not do that, though.
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>> we have agreed to limit the number of guns you can shoot at once to two. >> mm-hmm. >> anyone caught shooting three or more guns at the same time will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> unfortunately the punishment is we give you a fourth gun. >> it was a compromise. >> also, we're very proud of this. we were able to ban ak-47s from all coin-operated vending machines. in the papa john's promotion, buy two medium pizzas, get a free gun has been completely outlawed. >> except on weekends and during the super bowl. >> of course, this might go without saying, but none of these restrictions would apply to florida. we don't know why. >> yeah. >> they definitely should. but they just don't. it's weird. >> it is weird. i know we typed florida into the bill, but when we printed it out, it's just not there. >> goofy thing. >> so is this bill what we wanted? no, no. is it what the nra


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